First the land was taken.

The latest dark & chilling historical thriller from Anna Mazzola.
Out now.

The Inspiration

The idea for The Story Keeper came from a real case from the 1880s  but rather than base the novel on the real case, as I had done with The Unseeing, I decided to transport it to a different place, a place where fairy belief was still alive and well…

The Setting

I needed to find a country with a rich oral history, steeped in magic. When I visited Skye, with its beautiful and eerie landscape, and its history of cleared people and stolen stories, I knew I had found the right place…

The Stories

The stories related in the novel are mainly adaptations of tales found in 19th century collections of folklore. The fairy tale that runs through the novel is my own invention, inspired by the dark and peculiar Celtic fairy tales that I’ve used to terrify my own children…

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